~ What is Wagyu ~


Wagyu beef is the characteristic melt in your mouth Japanese beef. What gives Wagyu its superb rich flavouring is the fat marbled through the meat, this omega 3 rich fat is not only great for you (unsaturated fat) it also has a lower melting point than regular fat which means the tender marbled meat literally melts in your mouth.

There are different types of Wagyu beef and each type can have different characteristics.

F1 Wagyu – This is the most common Wagyu that you can buy in Australia, this breed of Wagyu is a cross-breed and is half Angus and half Wagyu. It is still good quality beef though F1 Wagyu cannot achieve the same level of marbling and flavouring that full blood Wagyu can offer.

Fullblood Wagyu –This breed of Wagyu come from a bloodline of full blood cattle and offer the best potential for high quality and divine flavouring.

In both F1 and full blood Wagyu cattle there is varying marble scores in Australia from 1 been the lowest marble score to 9 been the highest. To achieve high marbling there is a 400 day specfic formula to allow the cattle to grow to be achieve the highest quality marbling.